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National Test Preparation Course "Theory

This training program began as a intensive training course in the middle of November 97 and includes 200 hours of training for graduates from universities ...

National Test Preparation Course "Theory

The course began as a intensive training course in the first half of November, covering 200 hours of training for graduates from different universities of the world. The courses offered in this course included specialized topics in orthodontics, prosthetics, endodontics, restorations , Diagnosis, specialized language, radiology. This training course, as the first experience of the Institute of Knowledge in providing a "purely theoretical" training course, with the efforts of dear and capable learners and professors, has led to a very good acceptance of learners in the national test of January 97 This is an honor to the Institute of Knowledge, which contributed to the success of our dear students The course. The Institute for Advanced Studies intends to start the second phase of National Testing Preparation in March 1998, and plans and efforts are under way to improve the quality of the National Test Preparation Course at the Institute for Advanced Studies.

Registration of this course has begun. Please contact us for registration at 09380780980 and 02188351169.

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